The first parties of Bayonne were officially declared open Wednesday, July 13, 1932 and only interrupted during the war years from 1940 to 1944. A group of friends from the rugby section of the Aviron Bayonnais frequent the festivals of Pamplona and proposes to create those of Bayonne in the same spirit. 
The idea is concretized by the festival committee of the time and its president Benjamin Gomez who propose to the municipality a quality program accompanying the celebration of July 14: Basque day with great aubades, pass-streets, concerts, part of pelota Basque; big day of the local trade with races of cows in the streets of Petit Bayonne; days of flowers with corso of flower cars and automobile elegance contest at Paulmy alleys; first output of the Bayonne giants, also created by Benjamin Gomez. source: ) read more about history? click here (only in French).


During the summer of 1995, with my friends raph and polo, we were doing the famous cow races … our game at the time? Put your hand on the buttocks of the cow … brave we were, but not reckless .. But that day, we saw a man staggering in the middle of the arena St. André .. we say to ourselves, “oulaaa, it is only 4pm and it’s not all fresh the guy! “And suddenly, the cow comes from behind, lowers the head, takes it, turns it in all directions … and there … a leg that flies … that leaves like a cannonball … he had just lost his prosthesis … a woman, next to us, seeing this, fell into black out .. We take the unfortunate from the arena, and 15 minutes later, we see again in front of the same person who came out of the infirmary and to whom we had restituted and handed the leg … We look at each other, we say … this guy is crazy … he enters into the bar gernika … and just after … the cow comes back in the bar, devastating everything inside … people were coming out from all sides of the bar’s only door … like when you kick in an ant-hill.

So we saw, everyone out … except one …. he had still taken the guy dear, and had lost his leg again … The medical team recovered the unfortunate man and we did not see him any more.

sneak peek at cow races in 2013: (Source TVPI)