In the USA, the day of Christopher Columbus replaced by that of the native peoples.

This year, part of the United States did not consider this Monday as Columbus Day. Dozens of US cities preferred to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. In addition to San Francisco, Cincinnati, Seattle, Phoenix and Los Angeles, whole states, such as Minnesota, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Kansas, Michigan, Vermont and Oregon, have participated to this change of tradition.

Historically, “Columbus Day” commemorates the date Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas. But, for his detractors, he is celebrating a mass genocide and the colonization of Native Americans who lived on American soil long before the advent of the explorer. This day, which falls on the second Monday of October, was established in 1892 by President Benjamin Harrison and was granted National Day status in 1934 under the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency.

For this new edition, some states have chosen to celebrate even more focused celebrations than Aboriginal Peoples Day. Hawaii, for example, celebrated the “Discoverers’ Day” to honor Polynesian explorers who discovered the Hawaiian Islands, according to CNN. South Dakota, meanwhile, commemorated the “Native American Day”, ie the Day of the Amerindians. Source: Figaro Marie Boetti

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