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Hitza Hitz is the “given word” of the Basques.  Hitza Hitz is a motto, a code of honour, and why not, more modestly a new brand and range of ready-to-wear apparel, inspired by the Basque country.  Our collections are appropriate for both women and men, for Basques, their friends, the locals, the visitors, from those who love the mountains to those who prefer the ocean.

The Hilta Hitz collections are available in organic cotton, faded or vintage, and present both look and design, with variations on the duality of the Basque Country.  Thus our patterns, designs, tones and colours represent shepherd silhouettes or kaskarots from old photos, sailor-stripe tops worn by fishermen landing on our shores.  Classic or bright colours, sporting or urban inspirations, but throughout the quiet elegance so characteristic of the Basques.

Ambiance Basque

The beaches and waves of the Basque country are exceptional, and the horizon is always there to rest the eye, and for dreams of the Basques.  Welcome on board.

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The Basques have always been close to the Ocean.  At first they hunted whales, navigating as far as Newfoundland.  They then won fame as pirates.  The fashion for sea-bathing attracted people from all over the world.  Then came thalassotherapy and of course surfing.

Identité Basque
Hitza Hitz boutique textiles basques à St-Jean-de-Luz 27, rue gambetta
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