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Hitza Hitz, Basque textile collection

Hitza Hitz, the word given is sacred

Since always in the Basque country, there is an expression Hitza Hitz, which means that when you give your word is sacred. It’s a matter of honor, the pinnacle of verbal transmission. Although speech is often flouted nowadays, Hitza Hitz is still relevant. If you share this value, the Hitza Hitz brand will seduce you through a sportswear collection and some assumed dissent.

Hitza Hitz, a collection of sportswears textiles with committed messages

Hitza Hitz is, first of all a name, and a meaning meaning “i give you my word”. This is undoubtedly what drives Hitza Hitz towards so much singularity. Hitza Hitz is proud of its origins. The Basque country and its history are our influences. The shadows of our ancestors, the exploits of Coursic, our character traits, everything inspires us

Hitza Hitz, an universal message for a clientele of character

Hitza Hitz is for men and women for whom the meaning of this expression means something. Our chic sportswear style reaches a clientele between 30 and 60 years old. The universality of its message and the consensual emotion on the Basque country make it a brand turned naturally on the export.

Hitza Hitz boutique textiles basques à St-Jean-de-Luz 27, rue gambetta
64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz 09 70 98 88 94